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Aemorph is a fully-remote company, and we believe that engaged and connected employees are key to our success

We aim to grow a team with diverse knowledge and expertise who can collaborate and work together effectively, even if we are in different locations. By implementing rituals and policies to encourage and support collaboration, we can create a strong remote culture where employees feel valued, connected, and supported.

Building bonds in the workplace and beyond

Beyond simply an opportunity to earn a paycheck or a venue to further one’s career, we wanted our team members to feel like they’re part of a community bigger than themselves. Remote work can be isolating when you spend most of your days just facing your desktop or laptop.

We want to provide ways to bridge the distance among team members and build connections to break the barriers of the virtual workspace.

According to Gallup, “Having a “best friend” at work contributes to a thriving employee experience and to communication, commitment and other outcomes.” And this became even more relevant with the increase in remote and hybrid work set-ups. For remote workers, a best friend is someone who can keep them informed and connected to the team. Someone who can give encouragement, provide support and remind you that you are not alone.

Although we can’t force colleagues to become friends, we can only facilitate opportunities for them to make personal connections by hosting virtual activities and providing venues where they can find team members with whom they share the same interests and hobbies. These initiatives can spark conversations and deeper relationships, creating bonds and friendships.

All-hands company meetings

Our weekly company meetings are composed of different activities that help team members connect, collaborate, enhance their speaking skills, get to know each other more and simply have some fun. It’s a way for everyone to take a step back from work responsibilities and enjoy time spent together.

Team Presentations

Through team presentations, everyone is given a chance to practice their speaking skills and build their confidence.

Having the ability to deliver their message confidently and effectively can help them impact and influence people around them. So it’s a skill that is helpful in every area of their lives, whether personal or professional.

Individual and group activities

The company’s weekly meetings are an opportunity for employees to have some fun at work. Each week we play different games and activities and encourage individual or group participation. Through individual activities, everyone has the chance to talk and express their thoughts. It gives opportunities to those who are timid at work to share their personal experiences or perspectives depending on the given topic or activity.

Through group activities, teamwork is at play. They get the chance to collaborate and communicate with their team members so they can resolve challenges, brainstorm ideas, share a little bit about themselves and win the game! 🙂

Celebrating together

Whether traditional or cultural, these celebrations or holidays represent a valuable part of employees’ identity, which can impact their experience with the company.

Traditions can range from wearing Halloween costumes to volunteering to spark the spirit of giving during the Christmas season. It could also be as simple as remembering someone else’s birthday. 

Celebrating together can build positive morale and workplace motivation, contributing to more engaged and productive employees.

Regular check-ins

Check-ins are done by team leaders with team members about progress made on a given task or project. This is important in creating alignment of team members’ tasks to the overall company goals. This will help team members know if they are on the right track, and if not, team leaders can provide feedback that will help them get in the right direction.

This is where OKR weekly check-ins also happen. The team can identify what they’ve worked on so far and how it aligns with their Team Objective, identify challenges that come to their way and brainstorm ideas to provide solutions for those challenges. And, of course, it is also an opportunity for teams to celebrate wins together!

Technology plays an important role in making remote working possible, enabling people to find work opportunities no matter where they are in the world. But it is through the constant iteration and reinforcement of company initiatives to keep its remote workers connected and engaged that will help them thrive in this kind of work environment.

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