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12 Best Content Creation Tools That You Wish You Knew

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Content creation is now the core of all contemporary digital marketing labors. It is safe to say that competence is measured by the number of the audience engaged with the digital content. The higher the engagement, the better performing content is. One of the important contents you have to produce if you have a website is an optimised content that can catch your audience’s attention.

It can be said that content creation is now defined by the ability of the content to make connections with the audience. To maximize this, content creation tools came into existence. Content creation is continuously progressing along with these creation tools.

This article will lay down the best content creation tools you wish you knew. These creation tools are a game-changer in the content creation process. If you’re a content creator, this is for you. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Written Content Tools

Even with varied media available, written content remains to be at the top of its game and the default format for most businesses. It encompasses the planning, writing, and editing of content for digital marketing intents.

Written content transcends as a form of content creation because does not only include writing blog posts and articles but as well as scripts for videos and podcasts. It also includes content for specific platforms, such as social media or web pages.

To ensure that the content made is relevant and flawless, some content creation tools can help in making this possible and easy.

1. Grammarly

This content creation tool comes in handy because writing is just as important as editing, so why not do both at the same time? Creating mistake-free content is actually a lot easier said than done.

Grammarly helps you by checking misspellings, grammatical errors, and typos in your content while writing. It also aids in monitoring the consistency of the tone of your content. More than that, it also checks for plagiarism.

This also comes with the chrome extension which will allow you to work efficiently and worry-free across web platforms. This comes with both the free version and the paid plan which offers two options, the premium for individuals and business for the group plan.

2. Hemingway

This is one of the free tools that are beneficial as a content creation tool. Named after the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, this tool is a treat for content writers.

Hemingway does not only correct spelling and grammar errors but it also detects where your statements can be more on point as it also helps make writing more concise, clear, and bold.

The best thing about this proofreading tool is the fact that it helps you monitor your voice in writing. It signals when the passive voice comes in and it will show highlight suggestions. This app is a great stepping stone to ranking high on google trends in terms of content.

3. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is indeed a great content creation partner. More than being a grammar checker, this app is also a style mentor and writing guide. It comes with free and paid versions but it is cheaper than Grammarly.

It provides a detailed report of your writing. It checks style such as the use of weak verbs. It also highlights overusing of connecting words in sentences and it highlights repeated words or sentences with similar structures.

This tool is perfect for writers crafting long content or even for fictional content. It also comes with the chrome extension thus you can also work across your browser window hassle-free. This tool will help you put your writing into a professional shape.

Visual Content Tools

Visual content is also another type commonly used among content formats. Several content creation tools can be used to make effective marketing efforts.

Since visual content includes graphic design and photo editing, it may require you to have a professional designer. However, with the help of visual content creation tools, you can still come up with competent digital materials.

Here are some tools that will help you turn your content ideas into excellent online content.

4. Canva

This probably is one of the favorite tools of any content marketer. This tool will not only help you create graphics or create infographics but other forms of digital content too. Moreover, this graphic design tool is friendly for both web and social media posts.

Canva is definitely one of the best tools especially since it enables anyone, even the least creative individuals, to have a competitive advantage to visualize data and create graphics. This app is friendly for mobile and web users.

The great thing about this tool is the countless templates you can use, customize, and redesign that are also available in varied formats. You can use stock photos or your own photos in the templates.

Canva is versatile in the way that the templates can also be used to export video content. This content creation tool also offers video templates for your digital content. This is also one of the visual content creation tools that come in both free and paid options.

5. Remove Background

Photo editing may require technical skills to generate high-quality images. When removing the background and using other tools, even an expert may take long hours to complete the task. Using this tool will only take a matter of seconds.

This tool will help you if you want to make the background transparent or in PNG format. You can also opt to add a white background to a photo. It also has built tools and plugins for some of the most commonly used design tools.

Remove Background uses artificial intelligence as a visual content creation tool. Hence, this is a great tool to save you time and money in creating visual content. This app comes with both a free version and a paid plan.

6. Giphy

If you want to be at par with Google trends, you might have already noticed that Graphics Interchange Format or otherwise known as gif has been part of marketing content.

As a content creator, you don’t always have to create graphics on your own, some come in for free. GIPHY is an ideal content creation partner that elevates content through animated graphics that work on multiple apps.

GIPHY certainly adds another level of creativity in generating content. It allows free searches to match your content research needs in developing your digital content. This is a free tool though it offers a wider array of resources on its paid plans.

Video & Webinar Content Tools

In today’s epoch, video creation has put other content formats way behind its back. Like webinar content, video contents are also one of the contents created that is beneficial to educational institutions.

There are varied video content creation tools that can be used to create content. Video contents that are created or live streamed are also placed along with social media posts. For educational institutions, webinars are also streamed on social media.

Below are some of the content creation tools that can be utilized as content creation tools to export videos for social media posting or webinars as one of the most engaging formats.

7. Loom

Loom is one of the content creation tools that are streamlined video sharing tools. Loom as a content creation tool is also a recording tool and it also comes with a Chrome extension. You can separately record your screen and webcam or do them together.

The free version will allow you to make up to 25 videos because it prompts you to get the premium version. One of the advantages of this tool is that it allows you to crop videos and send them to others through a link.

Loom is a handy tool you can use for video messaging, recording, and downloading created videos. The paid plans offer more versatile options for convenient video sharing.

8. Streamyard

Streamyard is a content creation tool that allows you to live stream using your browser and directly post your broadcast on other platforms, both social and professional. This video hosting service allows stable and seamless streaming.

It permits you to go live on your browser in just a few clicks with your guests. This content creation tool offers everything you need for a professional show by just using your browser.

This product comes with the free plan during its free demo period and you can opt for the plaid plan anytime. The paid version is the one that allows customizing and adding videos to the stream.

9. Animaker

Animaker is one of the user-friendly editing tools that can be used as a content creation tool. This app allows you to transform content ideas and create graphics and videos. This is a powerful tool hence chosen by leading brands.

It is one of the free content creation tools that still offers so much on its free plan. This tool lets you create videos, GIFs, and even do live video editing. It lets you download videos even without availing of the paid plans.

Animaker also provides ready-to-use templates, and character builders to improve videos. Its impressive animation speed allows the portrayal of intricate facial expressions on characters. It also has the auto lip-synch feature.

This animation studio tool also has an available web app that can be downloaded for free.

Podcast Tools

With the changing times came the emergence of Podcasts or digital format programs that come in audio content. Originally, they are just limited to audio series but some are now available in video formats too.

Podcasts elicit deeper engagement since the audience needs to listen and stay tuned for a longer time compared to other formats. Below are some of the content creation tools to produce content for this less crowded platform.

10. Audacity

Audacity is a recording tool that is easy to use and is completely free. This multitrack audio recording and editing platform does not require explicit audio editing skills to be able to create content.

This open-source tool can be used to record live audio. when editing it, you can reduce noise, adjust speed, and export it straight in your needed format. You can also import, edit, and mix sound files. It also allows multiple exporting of files at once.

Audacity allows you to cut, copy, splice, or combine sounds. You can also play and explore using effects including changing the speed, pitch, or tempo of a recording.

11. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is an open audio streaming platform that is one of the world’s largest. Since it is an open global community, anyone is free to upload any sound for anyone to stream. It is an online audio distribution avenue.

As an artist, you can use Soundcloud to upload tracks and link them with your social media. You can also promote your music, interact with fans and earn when you pass eligibility standards to monetize.

As a content creation tool, Soundcloud is a music-sharing website that permits people to upload, share, and promote audio. It is an open platform for listeners and music artists.

This tool is also completely free but still offered with the paid pro option. For the pro version, you can save unlimited tracks and playlists for ad-free services. You can also use it to convert tapes and records into digital recordings.

12. Blubrry

Blubrry is a social podcasting community that builds connections among podcast producers, advertisers, and aspiring independent content producers. It is known for its seamless publishing platform and live customer support.

This content-creating tool lets you connect with your listeners. It also provides significant statistics and allows you to monetize your podcast. This also provides secure podcasting services.

Blubrry is offered free for a 30-day trial and follows enterprise pricing for the two package options. The paid package allows you to search terms using intuitive filters, export and gain insights, and get notified with customizable alerts.

Need Help Creating Content?

The advances that the world assimilated compelled marketing strategy to go beyond the realms of the usual conventions. With digital marketing in continuous bloom, this marked the beginning of the evolution of content creation.

Content creation starts with content research based on the societal drifts, for online, it is usually based on Google trends, and from there sprouts the content ideas, innovative distribution tactics, and production of the content through content creation tools.

This might seem pretty basic but this process is definitely easier said than done. There are many factors to consider when it comes to producing engaging, quality, and relevant online content. The good news is, that Aemorph is here to assist you.

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Content for SEO

Since content creation is also a critical part of the SEO process, the agency you choose should include this as part of the SEO service.  Search engines need to know what your website is about in order to decide if it’s relevant to what users are searching for. 

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