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Aemorph: a leading agency in Singapore with proven expertise in Search Engine Optimisation.

We think beyond the box, implement SEO strategies months ahead of your competition, and apply only white hat SEO practices that don’t break Google Search Essentials.

Don’t Pay a Cent!
Try the 45-Day Campaign!

Want to get started but not 100% sure yet?
See results first before you put money on the table.

SEO drives more traffic, conversions, and sales over a longer period

Search Engine Optimisation is the only channel that gives ongoing, compounding, long-term results. However, investing in your website assets takes dedication. Going digital was a practice in 2012. By now, you should be investing in SEO to get a higher ROI. 

We know it’s difficult and painstaking. Search engines are constantly refining algorithms to take advantage of new technology, like AI, to improve user experience. You have new competition in the business, launching left and right every day. What works for your business now may not work next month. You will start questioning yourself.

How can I constantly rank high in search results?

How do I increase sales to better operate my business?

What should I do against these other more reputable businesses already ahead of me?

Will doing strategy X and strategy Y improve the quality of my leads?

Work with experienced SEO professionals to establish and keep your top rankings on the web. Here at Aemorph, we learn about new algorithm changes and keep track of them so you don’t have to. We analyse your competition so you know things they’re doing that can work for you. We test new strategies to ensure that what we do for your website works.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a set of strategies that make your website more visible in search results. It’s the process of increasing your website rankings in the search results, making your business the most relevant result to searchers.

SEO is a long-term investment that helps establish the reputation of your business in the SERPs and your target market. Businesses that don’t prioritise SEO get left behind. Don’t be one of them.

What's Included?

We offer a series of SEO services to jumpstart your business. Below are things we do to grow your business online.

Website Audit

You’ve done everything. You built a well-designed website and filled it with the necessary content. Why isn’t it ranking where you want it to be?

We will perform an in-depth analysis and audit to see what is going on on your website. Learn more about what’s keeping your business from the top results in Google.

If you have an ongoing SEO campaign, we will determine which parts are working and which need fixing. Our website audit will tell you everything you need to know about what’s happening on your website.

Technical SEO Audit

We know SEO is intimidating, especially with endless nitty-gritty parts you don’t understand. 

All those Error 301s and 404s, broken links, missing canonicals, or (begrudgingly) slow site speed will cost your business a fortune. We will look at technical errors and fix them for you.

You don’t need to spend more time learning all new terms and technical aspects of SEO. It’s our first step to finding out what we can do to improve your rankings. 

Keyword Research

Each user has a different search intent, and you want to be the most relevant result to their query.

The problem is this: You miss the queries your target customers and audience use at the moment they are looking for a solution!

In this age, Keyword Research is your bread and butter in staying relevant to the users search results. We research the best keywords and phrases that bring the right crowd to your business. 

Newsflash: We don’t charge our packages by the number of keywords. The more keywords we can maximise for your site, the better chances you have at driving more of your target audience to the website, at all stages of the funnel!

On-Page Optimisation

The top result accounts for about 33% of organic traffic. How does it happen? By having the best on-page SEO that outperforms other relevant results. 

We optimise your web pages and get  more traffic to your web pages with optimised and suitable titles, Header tags, and URLs. 

But we don’t just stop there.

Search engines are smarter than ever now and since 2012 have moved towards a semantic web. 

That means it’s not just the right words in the right place, but the right connection and even placement within the page matters in how well you will rank against your competitors.

Custom Content

“Content is king!” is one of the most common and cost effective ways to boost your business online.  

Start your content marketing efforts with valuable blogs and articles related to your business.

By researching search queries and mapping out ideas to integrate into your content, you can develop topical authority and prove to search engines that you’re the best and only logical choice your target audience needs.

This will bring in more web traffic than you thought possible.

Beat the competition with a strategy your competitors will never be able to replicate – that means you are in a category of one.

Link Building

Links create connections between web pages on the internet. When you receive a link or mention from another website, that increases the trust and credibility of your website.

Search engines favour trusted and credible websites in a vast expanding and crowded internet space.

So what do we do? We build valuable links to your website.

By nurturing relationships with influencers, high-authority sites, and relevant partners with the right signals that search engines like, your website will start to climb the search engine rankings results page so you get meaningful traffic to boost your business online.

Our evergreen approach to skyrocket your SEO results and deliver better rankings, traffic, conversions and results

Other agencies charge different rates for different services. We work differently and offer different packages because we want you to maximise your SEO service.

Status & Strategy

Complete website analysis, including competitive analysis and web analytics that present your current site performance

Technical Audit for running through all issues and technical aspects affecting your site rankings

SEO Strategy to rehaul and improve your website rankings

Create & Convey

Keyword research to map out the best keywords that rank your business

Content ideation to list down all potential topics for your content

Content Strategy for an effective content launch or publish

Position & Promote

Link prospecting and analysis to know the best websites we link your business to

Premium backlinks from relevant people and high-traffic websites

Linking Strategy to build lasting connections and relationships that bridge your business with other sources

Status & Strategy

A Status update by analysing your competitors versus you and where you want to be

Technical Audit to find issues and underlying problems, invisible to the untrained eye, negatively affecting your site rankings

Overall Strategy to improve your website, set the right foundations to build upon, visualise the compounding ROI you won’t get anywhere else to ensure everlasting success

Create & Convey

Keyword research to map out the best queries that get you in front of your target audience

Content ideation and gap to list all the topics you should include on your website in order to generate topical authority 

Content strategy and plan to effectively launch and showcase your experience, expertise, and why you are the  number 1 and only logical choice for your target audience

Position & Promote

Link gap analysis to know how far you are behind the competitors

Building relationships with relevant influencers and high-traffic websites to ensure your website gains trust and credibility

Ongoing strategy to improve your authoritativeness and trust so it’s impossible for your competitors to catch up to you. The perfect partner to elevate your content

Pay for traffic, not keywords

At Aemorph, we don’t believe in putting a limit cap on keywords.

That’s like cutting out opportunities for related queries your target audience could be using and looking for.

SEO is the only channel to get compounding results and appearing for different queries across the marketing funnel is key to your success.

We will work with you to perform extensive keyword research and identify all the knowledge gaps on your website to make sure you are the number choice to your audience and search engines.

Rank for thousands of keywords, get all the traffic.

It’s all inclusive in your package.

We charge based on the number of web pages and not keywords!

Don’t Pay a Cent!
Try the 45-Day Campaign!

Want to get started but not 100% sure yet?
See results first before you put money on the table.

How your business benefits from our SEO services

Investing in SEO expertise from one of the leading agencies in SEO is a no-brainer. There’s so much more to SEO than revamping your website and putting you as one of the Top Results in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Bring your business online and leverage that visibility into real-time results.

Boost sales

Our goal is to put your business in the top results. This way, your target buyers can see you first and likely buy from your business.

Outperform the competition

You will be competing with hundreds of other businesses for keywords and phrases.

Here at Aemorph, we want you to get three steps ahead of your direct competition and execute strategies that are better than theirs.

Long-term results

SEO is not a one-time click-and-apply, solving short-term issues.

SEO is a long-term strategy. We want you to have a robust website that stands at the top for the next five years.

Build reputation and credibility

Do you want to be a business that users, high-ranking websites, or social media influencers refer to?

Strong SEO strategies build your reputation online. The challenge is now to keep that trust people have for your brand.

Different SEO packages for your needs

Aemorph covers the whole spectrum 




One Time Foundation

Monthly Investment

Your Yearly Revenue

Your Existing Pages

Target Number of Queries

New Content Per Month

S$ 6,000

S$ 4,000 / month

< $2mil Revenue

5 – 50 pages



S$ 16,800

S$ 11,200 / month

Revenue between $2mil – $5mil

51 – 150 pages



S$ 38,400

S$ 25,600 / month

Revenue > $5mil

Above 151 pages



Believer Committed All-In
One Time Foundation
S$ 6,000 / month
S$ 16,800 / month
S$ 38,400 / month
Monthly Investment
S$4,000 / month
S$11,200 / month
S$25,600 / month
Your Yearly Revenue
<$2mil Revenue
Revenue between $2mil - $5mil
Revenue > $5mil
Your Existing Pages
5-50 pages
51-150 pages
Above 151 pages
Target Number of Keywords
New Content Per Month


----------------------------------------- Believer Committed All-In
Website Audit
Canonicalisation & Redirection Hops
Google Search Console Audit
Robots.txt Audit
Site Speed & CWV Audit
301 Redirects & 404 Errors
XML Sitemap Enabled
Site Structure Review
Page Structures & Templates
Analytics Review (or Setup)
Mobile-Friendly Check
Crawlability and Indexing Issues
HTTPS Security


----------------------------------------- Believer Committed All-In
URLs and Folders
SEO Page Titles
Header Tag Structure
Meta Descriptions
E-E-A-T Quality Check
Internal Link Optimisation
Content Type & Length
Keyword Density & Distribution
XML Sitemap Setup
Image Optimisation
Schema Markup
Conversational FAQs


----------------------------------------- Believer Committed All-In
Content Audit
Information Gap Analysis
Strategy Development
Premium Content Creation


----------------------------------------- Believer Committed All-In
Your Domain Link Profile Analysis
Competitor Domain Link Gap Analysis
Competitor Page Link Gap Analysis
Anchor Text Analysis
Link Prospects & Outreach
Content Creation
Authority Guest Posts


----------------------------------------- Believer Committed All-In
Weekly Ranking Report
Monthly Work Report
Data Studio & Analytics Report
Competitor Tracking Report
Quarterly Target Report

We don’t believe in a “one-prize-fits-all” approach. All businesses are different and will have ever-changing needs. The SEO packages serve as a guide for you.

Don’t forget: We don’t charge based on the number of keywords. Our work is based on the output such as number of pages produced to hit the traffic KPI

So, what’s our approach? Try our 45-Day Campaign without paying anything.

We want you to see that our SEO strategies work before we work together long-term. We want a lasting relationship with you as we increase your search rankings.

Before building that relationship with us, we can decide if we are the right fit for each other.

How is Aemorph different from other SEO Agency Services?

There are many SEO companies we overpromise and underdeliver. We want to build a relationship with you to improve your rankings online. But we know that it’s a two-way street.

45-Day "Try Before You Buy" SEO Campaign

Too many SEO agencies promise to bring you the best strategies but fail to get you anywhere close to the top 10 results.

Worse, some businesses will earn you penalties from Google by employing black-hat SEO.

There’s no way of knowing if something works unless you’re in it.

At Aemorph, we value your trust and want to offer a campaign that improves your website SEO before getting a package.

Try our 45-Day Campaign so you can see for yourself what we can do for your business.

Withhold 20% of Fees Until Goals Are Met!

You read it correctly!

New clients can “withhold 20%” of Service fees after the 45-Day “Try Before You Buy” Campaign.

Here’s how it works:

  • Withhold 20% of the monthly Service Fee
  • We work towards the mutually agreed traffic milestone
  • If we don't hit the agreed milestone, then the 20% withheld is never payable
This offer aligns Aemorph to your business goals and outcomes because we’re incentivised to ensure the best results for both parties.

We’re with you every step of the way and willing to put our money on the line.

Don’t Pay a Cent!
Try the 45-Day Campaign!

Want to get started but not 100% sure yet?
See results first before you put money on the table.

Who have we run SEO campaigns for?

We’ve made many businesses happy, and we’ve run campaigns for all types of organisations and niches.

This enables us to learn what works best across different industries and then apply it so you reap the rewards.

Our customer’s success is ours as well. When we reach the SEO goals of your business, we grow our business too. It’s a mutual success.

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Industries we serve

Our clients are scattered from all types of industries. Our most common clients come from large industries.

We believe in providing all businesses with the chance to dominate web rankings. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business competing against hundreds of others. We are here to ensure that you rank high and get the desired traffic, sales, conversions, or exposure results.


To deliver high-quality SEO services requires lots of time and resources.

SEO is an investment.

Like all investments, getting the best results and outcomes takes time.

We are not the right fit for you if you are a business or a person looking for a quick fix.
Great SEO involves a lot of hard work and ethical practices. You will need to invest time and money in these things.

Aemorph employs ethical practices and use tested methodologies to improve the ranking of our client websites.

SEO is a process that requires work and optimisation until we reach the best results for your business, lasting years to come.

Aemorph does not offer “cheap solutions” to lowball the best strategies that put your websites in a “so-so” position on the SERPs.

We are as committed as you in keeping your rankings at the top.
SEO is the 8th wonder of the marketing world. You are investing in your own website asset.

Exactly like compound interest, the more quality and semantically related content you publish on your website, the more compounding your result will be.

Why you should work with us

We’ve been in the business for many years. There are things we can do that no other SEO Agency can do.

Unlimited Keywords

The SEO service is delivered based on the number of pages and content delivered, not on the number of keywords. 

Keywords alone are not useful to the user, so why set results based on something half-baked? 

Here at Aemorph, the sky is the limit. We’ll optimise content to rank for as many terms possible to reach your qualified audience.

Copywriting Team

Creating the best articles, blogs, reviews, and long-form content takes time.

Our Copywriting Team can write for you, so you don’t need to waste half your day doing something you don’t have to!

Brand tone, style and guidelines are all considered once we start writing.

Sophisticated Tools

Businesses need working systems and efficient tools.

We create proprietary tools and implement automation to produce better work and output.

Flexible Work Process

Do you have an existing team in your business?

Where possible, we are happy to have your team members support the campaign and participate with our guidance.

We can take advantage of the strength in numbers, and multiply your results, faster!

Ongoing Link Building Strategies

Did you know some agencies bring in a few links and call it quits afterward?

Not here in Aemorph. We implement an ongoing link-building strategy where we add new links to your website every month.


Direct Access to World-Class SEO Experts

Always get ahead of the competition with World-Class SEO Experts.

Aemorph has direct Slack access to international experts who share the best tips, process, what’s working and not working. 

There’s nothing impossible when all the brightest minds are put together.

Web Development Team

Everything starts with a functional website.

We have a skillful Web Development Team to implement the changes required to improve your Search rankings.

This is vital 

Proficient, Adaptable, and Passionate Team

Our people are our investment. In Aemorph, we continue to invest in professionals.

We want to control outcomes and ensure you get only optimal service that fits your needs and translates into sales, conversions, and traffic.

Tried-and-Tested Strategies

How do you know that our strategies work?

We have our private playgrounds (ongoing websites and projects), where we constantly try and test  SEO strategies. 

We know beforehand which tips work and which methods will not bring your rankings up.

For your more specific business needs

If you already know what you need, it’s best to select a service that works best for your business. We cater to all business sizes, offering packages that cover SEO needs for small businesses to large companies.

Frequently asked questions

Each SEO Agency offers different services, but you should be able to get the following:

  • Website Audit and Technical Audit – a deep analysis of your website to unearth issues, concerns, and your site’s current performance in the SERPs
  • On-Page and Off-Page Optimisation – optimising web pages to improve page ranking factors that affect your position in the search results
  • Content Creation – writing valuable content you can add to your website
  • Keyword Research – unlocking the terms and phrases your target audience use
  • Monitoring and Reporting – keeping you up to date with your ranking progress

SEO Agencies can charge anywhere from $300 to $3000 every month. Pricing varies and it depends on your needs. It’s best to schedule a consultation first to identify your needs, goals, and working budget for the services.

SEO Agencies have professionals that are well-versed in SEO. We are talking about people who have been watching and learning about Google algorithms for years and decades. 

Get comfort and peace of mind knowing experienced people are handling your business website. You won’t only be saving time, you are saving your business from losses in opportunity and focusing on business development.

Sure! If you can spare learning and applying thousands of hours’ worth of SEO knowledge, you can do DIY. Add in another six months to try strategies that may or may not bring your website to the top results. 

Your time is better spent on developing your business, and that is where SEO agencies come in. We are here to handle your rankings, as you handle your business in real life.

Each business is different. Depending on where you rank now, and how much traffic, sales, or conversions you are aiming for, durations can be different. It’s optimal to wait for months to see results once teams complete their work on your website.

SEO is not a quick-rich scheme, so it’s best to be realistic. It takes time to see the long-term benefits of SEO strategies.

We are most likely working with your competition already. Transparency is key. We will be clear with you about it and we only work with up to ten businesses competing for the same service. 

You are either in the top 10 AND our client or you will be competing with someone in the top 10 and is our client.

We’ve worked with a lot of clients and businesses in the past. These businesses come from different industries that are still reaping the long-term benefits of SEO. View our customer success stories and see for yourself.

SEO is ever-changing and what works now may not work for you next month. It’s always best to think a few steps ahead. This way, instead of worrying about others outranking your top spot, you only need to maintain it for the next months ahead.

You will, more than likely, have to ramp up your website assets if you haven’t had SEO for a while. We’ll need to see first how your current website is performing before making that assessment to redesign your entire website. Best to book an appointment first before deciding to do a complete rehaul of your site.

We also offer our 60-Day Campaign to give you an overview of what to expect from our SEO strategies. The last thing you want is to redesign your website for something that doesn’t work, right? We offer our 60-Day campaign, free of charge, to show you what an effective SEO strategy can do for your business.

Sure, you can do SEO to save money, but only if you have nothing else to do. You can definitely learn, apply and maintain the best SEO strategies if it’s the only thing you’re going to do all day for months on end. When you’re running a business, you wear multiple hats at once. You may end up putting aside SEO, which is where we come in.

The money you save from not getting professional SEO services sacrifices the time you have to focus on business. With Aemorph, you get that guarantee that professionals are working on your SEO.

Notice: If you have clicked on any adds or posts from Facebook or Whatsapp and joined chats from "Aemorph PT Group", have been contacted by email address aemorph@gmail.com, or anything related to these are scams and are not directly from our agency.


Local SEO

An estimated one-third of searches are related to location. Optimising for your local search engines will bring traffic and actual customers to your physical locations (if you have any).

Make your shop, store, restaurant, or clinic more known to people within your area. We implement Local SEO strategies, such as setting up your Google My Business profile. This improves your business to be more visible in the local search results.

The goal is to let more people find your local business online. We want them to see that you are the best place to shop for eco-friendly home goods or you have the best dental clinic nearest to their home.

Ecommerce SEO

Millions of online stores powered by Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento sell products and services. How can you compete with these businesses on the SERPs? Not to mention, many of these businesses allot huge budgets for paid ads.
If you’re not investing in Ecommerce SEO, you are already behind in bringing more traffic and potential sales for your online shop. Moreover, 51% of ecommerce businesses already implement AI for smoother customer experience online.
Where can you start? You can start by investing in Ecommerce SEO to boost your business against thousands of others online. Not only does it have long-term ROI, but it also costs less than paid advertising.

Global SEO

When your business is on the web, the opportunities are endless. Build your reputation for international audiences and customers. Don’t limit yourself to buyers and conversions within local markets.

Global SEO is your next investment. We are here to help you bring your business to international markets, increase traffic and sales, and build diverse customer data. You shouldn’t limit your business if you can offer them to more people worldwide.

At Aemorph, we help you set up your website to cater to visitors from different countries and locations. We take care of aspects like your website language and content considerations for other cultures while you focus on running your business.

Enterprise SEO

Implementing wide-scale and enterprise-level strategies requires a lot of investment in technology, time, and resources. SEO for smaller websites will require a different approach than large ones catering to various search engines and audiences.

Large organisations power big websites with more web pages. We are talking about more than hundreds of web pages. We are talking about thousands of web pages for a single website.

You don’t need to worry about investing in the right AI tools, automation software, and various apps for maintaining large websites. We develop proprietary tools to help implement SEO strategies that commercial tools can’t.

SEO Expert Consulting

Here at Aemorph, we’ve stayed as one of the top SEO businesses in Singapore. We offer consulting services to business owners who want to rank high in the results, increase traffic, have higher conversions, and lead to better sales.
What does an SEO Expert Consultation involve? Detailed strategies tailored to your business, guidance in your SEO implementations, and a team with expertise and experience to push your ranks up in the search results.

What makes Aemorph different from other services? Meet Kevin Dam, Aemorph’s CEO and Director of Product and Marketing. When working with Aemorph, you are working with an SEO company that has successfully strategised SEO for small to medium enterprises and multinational corporations across the APAC region.