Wing Tai brand and UI concept

Adaptive logo


Wing Tai Group is a multinational conglomerate with a presence in several consumer-focused verticals.

As a result of the different verticals and audiences, Aemorph noticed an
inconsistent representation of the brand.

We believe it’s important for Wing Tai Group to represent their investments and ventures to various stakeholders, in different countries, across multiple devices, with a consistent approach, while still bringing forth the essence of the brand and its success to date.


Wing Tai Group has several online assets that have been developed over the years, seemingly from different teams, which has caused an inconsistency among the technology and styles used.

In fact, some of the regional websites are no longer accessible as the technology used to create these online assets are no longer supported


To systematically bring together the different online assets of Wing Tai Group under a uniform, modern, and investor-friendly, but still being true to the heritage and decades-strong brand colours and logos. We have pulled together:
  • Adaptive Logos
  • Adaptive Headers
  • Consistent Font Types
  • Consistent Brand Colours
  • Consistent Style and Layout
  • Visually Enhanced Images

Initial Concepts

See the below…

Color-adaptive header




Consistent style throughout all websites

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